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A proven partnership with the experience to execute and the commitment to grow exceptional companies.

Epic-Growth Fund is a leading venture capital firm that invests in mutiple fields as forex, oil, gold, real estates and early growth venture-backed technology companies. Our firm is managed by a cohesive group of partners that have worked together for over a decade. We are an equal partnership, and we work as a team to evaluate investments and support our portfolio companies.

We are active investors, and we seek to assist our portfolio companies by serving on the board as a director or an observer. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our entrepreneurs and co-investors, and we demonstrate consistent, rational decision-making with respect to operational issues and exit strategies.

More about us

We operate based on a culture of “integrity, respect, judgment, tenacity and commitment.” This is a key competitive advantage for our firm. We are long-term investors, and we seek to invest consistently across market cycles.

At Epic Growth Fund, we believe in long-term partnerships. By working closely with entrepreneurs and co-investors to attract great talent, enhance operations and maximize value, EpicGrowthFund has built a strong reputation in the venture capital ecosystem as a preferred partner.

We believe that our ability to make collective decisions is a competitive advantage, both in terms of the quality of the decisions and the efficiency of the underlying decision process. This comes from our experience working as a team over a long period of time, as well as the Firm’s equal partnership structure that promotes collaboration and aligns interests.

Our investments range from companies that are in the initial stages of revenue generation to companies seeking pre-IPO mezzanine capital. We also invest across technology sectors, including software, consumer Internet, IT infrastructure, communications and electronics. EpicGrowthFund is typically the lead investor in a financing round, and investors can partecipate with a sort of crowdfunding to help complete many of the projects we're putting our efforts in.

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